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Main subject of business activity*

Contact information

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The company’s ownership structure

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Total investment needed*

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Stage of financing*

Product / idea identification

  1. Please describe your product / idea. What problem would you like to address with your product / idea?
  2. How is the problem dealt with at present?

Development stage of the product

  1. In what stage of development is your product (e.g. prototype, beta version, etc.)? How long have you been working on it?
  2. Is there anything tangible which could already be presented to a potential investor?
  3. If there is nothing tangible to be presented, have you prepared a basic (business) plan containing steps how to implement your idea? (please specify in detail)
  4. How many people have been working on the project?
  5. If this is a tangible product, does the company have paying/non-paying customers?

Innovative character of the product

  1. What makes your solution unique in comparison to competitors’ existing products?
  2. To what extent does your product successfully address the problem (e.g. time savings, easier/cheaper solution, etc.)? In what areas or industries can the product be used?
  3. What are the product’s basic features and what technologies does it rely on?
  4. How could the product be further modernized in the future?
  5. What are the key success factors of your product? To what extent can competitors copy your technological solution?

Market description and analysis

  1. What geographic regions do you wish to operate in and what market share would you like to achieve? Please specify why you want to focus on these particular markets and what data sources you used in market analysis.
  2. Size, dynamic and outlook of the target market in the near future, including expected changes (e.g. changes in legislation, regulatory rules, etc.)
  3. Barriers for market entry and market opportunities on the selected market.

Description of competition

  1. Please specify your competitors – direct, indirect or potential ones and their market position.
  2. What makes your product different from competitors’ products? Does your product have any unique features?
  3. Why should customers choose your product instead of your competitors’ products, i.e. what is the competitive advantage of your product?

Definition of customers

  1. Please describe who your target clients are and what alternatives/currently available products do they use at the moment.
  2. Please specify who the paying client will be and who the final user will be.
  3. Please specify whether the aim of your product/service is to attract clients who already use a similar competitors’ products or to attract new clients.
  4. What is the expected source of income for the company? What is the structure of sales?
  5. In what stage are your negotiations with clients? If your company has any contracts or binding orders signed with clients, please specify basic information expressed in numbers.

Marketing strategy and sales plan

  1. Please describe the company’s marketing strategy and product/service sales plan. Have you been in touch with target audience? What was their feedback, assessment and satisfaction with the product?
  2. How do you want to be brought to your potential clients’ attention?
  3. What forms of marketing do you intent to use? What sales channel do you intend to use and why?
  4. Please describe your price and distribution strategy.

Project timing

  1. Please specify the direction and timeline of your project, including financing needs. When do you expect to reach the break-event point, i.e. total turnover will cover all expenses incurred? What important milestones will the company face in the next 12 months?

Management level

  1. Please characterize the management team in terms of their current tasks and envisaged tasks for the future.
  2. Basic information on company management team, their expertise, professional experience in the area of business activity – short professional resume, commitments of the team (e.g. private, work, studies, etc.)

Intellectual property protection

  1. Is your solution protected by intellectual property rights? (if it is, please specify the type of intellectual property and who the owner is)

Additional questions

  1. What are your expectations from a potential investor?
  2. Please specify risks identified in the project.
  3. Did you consider to sell the company (exit)? If you did, within what period of time and who the potential buyer is.
  4. Is there an investor involved in the project’s funding? In what way and to what extent?


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