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We make your money work through visionary entrepreneurs who can execute.

It’s our passion to look for ways how to make the odds play in you favor in the VC world when it comes to return of investment. Our entrepreneurial background and close contact with leading professionals from various industries brought us to investment projects, that have been successful with proving their business model on international markets.

We are looking for entrepreneurs with a clear product vision, consumer insight, focused execution, and unwavering ambitions.

What we love to see when we look at prospective investments:

Very good understanding of the product and target market

Ambitions and skills to bring your solution to the global market

Detailed knowledge of your competitors and ownership of a strong competitive advantage

Well-balanced team with a credible track record and experience

Sectors we generally prefer:



Advanced materials



Business Intelligence

Cloud & IT

Quick Facts

Mainly active in


in terms of investing, with an international strategic and financial network



in VC funds

10+ investments with a median size of

€300K – €500K

some of them with an active management role

Partnerships with


leading companies and institutions from all continents

Stabile dealflow of


relevant investment opportunities per year



at leading investment and VC events

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We believe our job is to empower great entrepreneurs and help them through our network, experience and resources to achieve their goals.

The Investeers team has proven experience in venture capital, sales, marketing and operations. Our diversity in age and expertise gives us a broad exposure not only to the latest technology-related trends but also to more conservative businesses, as well as to businesses with a seasoned character. We work hard to become the preferred investment partner for the most exceptional young businesses with a feasible international go to market strategy.

Radoslav Vašina

Radoslav has been actively involved during the last few years with several portfolio companies coming from SaaS, fintech, healthtech and other areas. On a regular basis he is mentoring young companies and also takes part as a jury member in startup competitions around Europe. What he likes to see in founders is a strong industry knowledge with a combination of hard work and passion. Radoslav had a chance to gain insight into the VC scene in Silicon Valley and he is keen on traveling and exchanging experience with other investors and entrepreneurs.

Michal Borza

Michal has been actively working for over 10 years in process and project management, and financial analysis. Coming from the world of large corporations he went for new challenges in the Slovak SME financial sector, where he was responsible for financial analysis and helping new projects grow. He has been working in the startup ecosystem for several years, at the present as an investment manager of the venture capital fund – Fund of innovations and technologies.

Slavomír Hruška

Slavomir comes from a corporate background, having worked for Fortune 500 companies. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and co-founder of an innovative localization company. His focus is on new technologies, evolving markets and business development, especially on thinking outside of the box and disruptive innovations. Currently he works in the CEE ecosystem as an investment manager of the venture capital fund – Fund of innovations and technologies.


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Investment Manager
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Slavomír Hruška

Investment Manager
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